Wednesday, 16 December 2015


 This year I did my learning with Mrs Parker in a netbook classroom using Google Drive.

Having a netbook made it easier to write,do maths and do other stuff.

This year I learned how to file stuff in my folders and blog my writing.

I did research on aliens.

The thing I enjoyed learning about the most was maths, because I learnt how to add on and takeaway

I still want to learn more about writing because I love to write about stuff

The class trip I enjoyed most this year was going to OMG tech, because we all learnt 3D printing, code and controlling robots.
I am proud of the way I leant new things.

Next year I am going to learn lots more and have fun.

order meal

                                                                                                                            Danny’s order                
Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich $5.95
choc brownie $5.50
Hot chips $ 4.00
Top water free
total $14.55 the change $10.45
Pelenise order
Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich $5.95
Hot chip $4.00
Choc brownie $6.00
Soft drink $2.00
Total= $12.00 spend and 13 changes left

jerome ‘s order
pancakes with maple syrup $9.50
bacon and eggs $11.00
Hawaiian pizza(per slice)$4.65
hot chips $4.00
Milk x 2 = $3.00
total = $24.55 change=45c

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Whittaker's chocolate

Whittaker's chocolate  

Me and my class had Whittaker's chocolate by the time we got the chocolate it was tempting and all of us wanted to eat it.

It was melting when the chocolate went inside my mouth, it started to taste like chocolatey heaven. It was melting in my fingers by the time I put it in my mouth, i crunched it and finished it.  

it taste like chocolatey heaven

if i could i would create the best and tasty chocolate it would be milk chocolate with popping candy and berries and my secret ingredient candy and I hope whittaker's create it. good luck

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

best PE ever

best PE ever


On Tuesday we went down to the courts to play with our tamaki college coaches we all went on the field and played rude ball it's when you have a big bouncy ball and you can bump off people and stuff.

All of us were in different groups and we all played different sports it was so cool all of us had fun only my group got lollipops.

When we played rude ball my team won. Me and my team got the last goal and we won we all had so much fun.

we all had i 2nd lollipop and then we said goodbye and then they went back to tamaki college

Friday, 27 November 2015


On tuesday we went to room 3 for the google expedition.Me and myclassroom. We got to wear google goggles. We went to the volcanoes and some volcanoes were active and dormant. The great wall of china was really big and it will take ages just to walk along the Great Wall of China. The best coral reefs we even saw sharks. We went on a trip to mars, the moon it was such a good experience going on a world trip.
When I put on the goggles it felt like I just teleported somewhere else, it felt real.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

helmets save liveshelmet
wearing a helmet while cycling is important because when you are on the road cars might hit you that's why you should wear a helmet while you are riding a bike on the road


My superpower is changing into every animal
I am swift, strong, smart

If I could, I would change into animals and save the world
like super man
People would see me and yell yahoo
because i always save the world for them.

With my SUPER power, I am the beast boy
I'm as strong as can be.
When I use the SUPER powers within me.

beast boy$$$$!!!!

What causes the seasons

What causes the seasons?

Seasons are caused because the earth is on a tilt, on it’s axis. The Earth orbits the sun, every time the earth goes around the sun, the seasons change. All the seasons go in a order summer, autumn, winter, spring. My favourite season is summer, come on everybody loves summer.

Stardome Trip


On  Thursday me and my class went to the Stardome. First we went to the place where a lady told us almost everything about space. Then we went into the observatory. We watched a video about space and how the seasons happen. Seasons happen because earth is on a tilt, that's how seasons work.
Afterwards we went back to school and our teacher got us all tickets so that we could go again sometime.